APC RBC6 Replacement Battery Cartridge

APC RBC6 Replacement Battery Cartridge

£85.00 Excluding VAT

Suitable to replace the APC RBC6 replacement battery kit.



* The kit comes pre-assembled with all cables and connectors as shown

* High-quality CSB batteries as used by APC themselves

* Install date label to remind you when the kit was installed

* Battery recycling service for your old batteries

All replacement UPS battery kits are assembled using high quality sealed lead acid batteries manufactured by CSB which are fitted by APC in both new equipment and also replacement battery cartridges.

by APC
If you require any further information then please contact us on 0800 0800 625 0052 or email

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APC RBC6 Replacement Compatible Battery For APC RBC6

For Use With SUA1000I & SMT1000I UPS

by APC


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