Salicru 700 VA SPS ONE UPS


Salicru 700 VA SPS ONE UPS

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Salicru pleased to introduce the SPS.ONE series into their family of products which is ideally suited towards your epos, CCTV & IT-related industries as they offer simple but reliable power protection for these environments.

Some of The Features Include

Line Interactive Technology AVR Buck & Boost Technology Automatic Restart When THe Power Returns Smart Battery Charging Protection For Telephone & Modems

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Salicru’s SPS ONE series is an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system featuring Line-interactive technology which provides the best protection solution for equipment and information within home and professional (small businesses, offices, shops, etc.) computing environments.

Its use of AVR Boost&Buck technology, which enables permanent stabilisation of power supply voltage, provides the dual benefit of ensuring better care of connected loads and reducing the use of the UPS’s batteries. And, in the event of an input power outage, it provides battery power to keep the equipment operating. To complete the security offered, it also features protection against the possibility of overvoltages occurring in the data line.

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Technical Specification


Input Voltage Range 220 to 240 V AC
Frequency Range (Input) 50 to 60Hz


Minimum Transfer Time 2 ms
Maximum Transfer Time 6 ms
Output Wattage (Maximum) 0.36 kW
Output Voltage 220 to 240 V AC


Typical backup at full load 20 Minutes
Typical Recharge Time 6 Hours


Safety EN-IEC 62040-1-1 • EN-IEC 60950-1
EMC EN-IEC 62040-2


Operating Temperature 0 to 40 °C
Operating Humidity 0 to 95 %


Form Factor Battery module
Case Colour Red
Width 28.7 cm
Depth 10.0 cm
Height 14.2 cm
Weight 4.25 kg


Warranty 3 Years

Key Features

Main Colour Red
Output Capacity 700 VA
Output Wattage 360 Watts

Datasheet Information

For further information then please feel free to download the following

Datasheet Salicru SPS.ONE UPS 

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