Salicru SLC TwinPro2 4Kva


Salicru SLC TwinPro2 4Kva

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On-line double conversion and DSP control technology. Output power factor PF=1(1). Compact tower format for space saving. Active power factor corrector for all input phases. Multiple operating modes for better adaptability. Equipped for parallel operation as standard, up to 3 devices. USB and RS-232 interface for all models as standard. Monitoring software for Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac (downloadable). Intelligent slot for SNMP/RS-485/optocoupler cards. Eco-mode operation for increased efficiency. Backup extensions available for all power ratings. Frequency conversion function. EPO – emergency power off. Manual and/or automatic programmable battery test. SLC Greenergy solution.

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Salicru SLC TwinPro2 4Kva


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